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    Leveraging Tech for Data-Driven Compliance


    Trust forms the basis of all interactions. In business, it is crucial in supply chains to guarantee products meet safety, quality and sustainability standards. On the consumer end, trust is necessary for the security of personal data. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cloud, and blockchain are reshaping industries by altering the concept of trust. Addressing challenges like transparency, security, and accountability becomes essential for individuals and organisations.


    Challenge Statement: How can we advance Trust through the use of technology to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards are data-driven (supported by data)?


    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where every decision, transaction, and interaction leaves a digital footprint, the ability to harness the power of this data becomes paramount. By embracing and leveraging new technologies that validate compliance with both structured and unstructured data, we will transition from a point in time to real-time compliance and trust.


    Data-driven compliance goes beyond following rules — it is about creating systems of trust, building connections, and yet being agile in a changing digital world. The Innovation Lab is looking for partners who can share new ideas to work together in creating solutions for the future – where data is harnessed and used efficiently for compliance, and decision-making that benefits all stakeholders.


    Join us for our 12-month BSI and ACE.SG Accelerator Programme, for startups seeking to build solutions that ensure data-driven compliance.​

  • Why BSI x ACE.SG Accelerator Programme for Your Startup

    Build Your Knowledge

    Monthly workshops by BSI and ACE.SG to help accelerate your startup​

    Learn from the Experts

    Dedicated 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with BSI’s and ACE.SG's strong network of mentors and consultants

    Pitch Day

    Demo Day to pitch to an esteemed panel and audience ​

    Pilot/Commercialisation Opportunities

    Connect and match with BSI's internal business functions and global network of clients for pilot/commercialisation opportunities

  • Who Is It For?

    Startups with a solution that encompass the various principles of the future of trust. This could be, but not limited to: ​

    Re​mote/Autonomous Data Capture and Analysis ​

    Data Provenance and Lineage

    Verification of Information and Documentation

    Enable Data-Driven Decision-Making ​

    Foresight: Predicting the Level of Trust of an Entity ​

    Trackability/Traceability of Items or Data ​

  • Key Industry Sectors

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    Construction & Built Environment

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    Transport and Mobility

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    Health and Wellbeing

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    ICT (Digital)

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  • Timeline


    January 2024 -

    March 2024

    Submission of Your Application


    March 2024 -

    April 2024

    Selection Interview


    April 2024 -


    Accelerator Programme


    April 2025

    Demo Day

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    Check if you are eligible for BSI x ACE.SG Accelerator Programme

  • Preview of Workshops

    In a high-touch 12-months with us, we empower you with the necessary skills and resources to build a strong tech startup for future scalability

    > Foundational Standards Workshop - *BSI Exclusive

    Building foundational knowledge and skills to implement global ISO-compliant

    > Build and Hiring Founding Team

    Identify your founder's profiling, and discover hiring strategies for early-stage startups

    > Identify your Product-Market Fit

    Determine your product market fit in the industry, and its unique value proposition

    > Develop Business Model Canvas

    Map your Business Model Canvas and analyse your business strategy

    > Develop Go-to-Market Strategy

    Build an impeccable Go-to-Market Strategy

    > Fundraising Basics for Early-Stage Startups

    Fundraising 101 - the basics of fundraising for Pre-Series A startups

    > Overview of Legal Issues for startups

    Consult legal issues for startup with our legal experts

  • Bonus Content

    Additional networking opportunities and workshops curated just for you

    Fireside Chat

    Hear from the industry experts, mentors and founders on the latest trends and best practices

    Meet-the-VC Sessions

    Connect with ACE funders and pitch your business ideas to them at our fundraising events

    Founders' Circle

    Pick the brains of successful founders who have successfully scaled their business

    On Demand Content

    Access additional materials via online Learning Management System (LMS) at your own pace

  • Need Another Boost?

    Additional support for startups on Fundraising, Global Access.

    > Fundraising Ready Boost

    Additional 3-month booster programme to support stage startups who are looking to raise fundings. Our trainers, who are experienced investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, will equip startups with the knowledge and capability to raise confidently from investors.

    > Global Expansion

    Additional Global Expansion programme to help startups to explore new markets and enter international markets. Together with our mentors, industry experts, our team will support your landing into international markets.

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